Lia Marie Johnson Topless Selfie Leaked

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It appears as though 19-year-old YouTube star Lia Marie Johnson has had her cell phone hacked again (see the pics from the first time here), as the topless selfie above has just been leaked online.

Clearly Lia Marie Johnson wants her private nude photos stolen and released online, or she wouldn’t keep making the passwords on her accounts (“ilovepenis” and “cocksucka69”) so easy to guess. If Lia wants to keep her photos private then she should be using passwords that no one would ever associate with her like “ilove2read” and “virgin4life”.

Of course Lia should know that there is no such thing as true privacy as Allah and the blessed Prophet Muhammad are always watching (especially immodestly busty young girls like Lia), and they will one day pass judgement against her for her crimes against morality. When Lia is burning for all eternity in the hellfire she will certainly regret taking all of these smutty nude photos… and all the times she blew random guys in bathroom stalls at LA nightclubs.